Everyone has heard the newest buzzword: Olaplex. And we wanted to know exactly what was SO good about this product. It claims to help stylists “push the envelope” of what is possible with color, allowing salons to bleach more without threatening the integrity of hair, complete multiple processes in one day and repair broken protein bonds in hair.

But we’ve heard promises like this before! We needed to know more. So we went digging into the science that developed Olaplex and we were impressed. Highly qualified award winning chemist Dr. Craig Hawker produced a naturally occurring mixture of elements that, when mixed with color product, changes the way the chemical bonds react! Essentially it stops the chemical reaction that dries out and splits your hair during processing! Instead it binds and repairs the protein bonds in your hair to create smoother, silkier hair with less split ends.

The 2 step in-salon process is permanent, so when we use Olaplex with your color service damage is minimized and long lasting! We’re also able to provide a take home treatment that will continue to repair your hair in between services. So for our highlight loving ladies, bright color babes or any other color craving people out there, we’ve got what it takes to give you what you want, when you want it!

Yours in Good Hair,




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