July 27, 2021
In order to ensure your safety and staff safety, here are some changes you will see at your next appointment!⁠  Masks are mandatory in the salon and we are taking all client’s temperatures before your appointment.  Hand sanitizer is available and recommended for all clients.
We have installed Plexiglass barriers at our Front Desk and between every wash station. Magazines, newspapers, and brochures will no longer be provided. We will no longer offer beverages, for the time being, so feel free to bring your own water bottle if you like, but try to limit other personal items. We will have all active workstations 2 meters (6 feet) apart otherwise there will be a plexiglass barrier in place.⁠
Unfortunately, our lobby will no longer be available for seating. We ask that you please show up only for the time of your appointment and give us a call to check-in.⁠
With that, we are trying to limit the number of people in the salon we ask that you please come alone unless you are a caregiver or parent to a child.⁠
There will be posted signage and arrows in place to guide clients and staff along with a designated guest bathroom and designated staff bathroom.⁠
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