These are some testimonials that have been sent in by our satisfied clients.

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I gotta say that Tana is AMAZING!  Her knowledge and execution of colour is fantastic and your pricing is awesome!  Well worth the trip from Campbell River!!!!!  A lifelong client I will be!  Sarah

Linda Tesser

“I would just like to express my complete satisfaction with the staff and services offered by Roots Salon. I first came to Roots about 4 years ago with big-hair syndrome. Ida-Marie at Roots “fixed me” and ever since, I have had nothing but compliments about my hair.

I live in Campbell River but there’s no one else I would trust with my hair. All of the staff there know me and I feel somewhat like the people on “Cheers” where everyone knows your name! The prices are reasonable, the staff is personable, Ida-Marie is an incredible stylist and the new product lines have made my hair that much more manageable. I would highly recommend Roots to anyone looking for a new salon and a new look!”

Jenny Cowie

“I go to James at Roots. The first time he ever cut my hair, he shaved down one side for me in support of my mother and grandmother battling cancer. He also drew in the breast cancer symbol on the side!!! Ever since then he has done all my hair tattoos and I just think he is simply amazing! The staff is always so friendly and I love you all! Thank you Roots!”

Teresa Carpenter

“I only ever go to Roots! It’s the one and only place in town you can go in and ask for a certain style and actually have the stylist do what you ask. Not their version of it… or some weird cut that leaves you bald (because believe me I’ve had my share of bald patches from crappy work) I never see the same stylist, I’ve always just booked with whoever was free on the day I was able to come in. Never had a single complaint with any staff what so ever. Your all amazing, talented and just WONDERFUL. I recomend roots to everyone!”

Phyllis Katcher

“I have been going to Roots for the past 4 years and have been very happy with all the stylists I have had cut and color my hair. I am not the model client as I hate to sit for long periods and get very anxious but Jason makes my visit very enjoyable and entertaining…the time passes very quickly when I visit him. Thanks Jason for the great service and continued customer service :)”

Shelley Jang

“Well I moved to the Valley 2 years ago and haven’t gtone anywhere but Roots since, I think I have tried every stylist there and have always been happy with the results, although now I get Keith to cut my hair but I trust everyone with my colour!”

Anneke de Vries

“I have been going to Roots for years and Mike is the one for me. I can trust him with my hair knowing it is always going to look great. And lets not forget the head massages when he has the time. Coffee is great too!”

Colleen Johnson

“Oh where to begin about this wonderful transforming salon…….. It started many years ago probably about 10 when I discovered the love of my hair life Anthony at Roots. He was my miracle worker that could always make my day and turn me into a new woman. This soon grew into a loving friendship that is still strong today, I truly miss him, but alas he broke my heart and told me he was leaving butttttt oh yeah I had the best back up, that I had met not long before this through my son, and low and behold Norny (Courtney) was my next miracle worker. I love my hair day and look forward to a fabulous visit with her every time I am booked in for my color. Courtney is my color GODESS she rocks the blonde adventures I have. Roots is a fabulous, fun environment with excellent staff, it has been fun to watch the transformation and growth of the salon as well as the staff within its walls. Keep rockin it!!!!!”

Tracey M

“I have been going to ROOTS for quite a few years. Nicole has always done a fantastic job on my hair. She always knows exactly what I am asking for. I have had so many people comment on my hair and its all thanks to Nicole. Would never consider going anywhere else.”

Dove Hendren

“After moving to the Comox Valley from Vancouver several years ago, I spent the first few years getting mediocre hair cuts, changing salons every time I needed a cut.

I knew it was a stylist I needed, not just a cutter. Ida-Marie was recommended to me by an Esthetician named Enid Farmar. Ida Marie is an experienced and Wella-trained colour stylist. That was 12 years ago. I would drive any distance just to have Ida-Marie style, colour and cut my hair.”

Lena-marie Pawluk

“Hmmm Well I keep coming back because I always walk away happy. The staff is wonderful, James has been my stylist for years and I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I came in for a model call years ago and was sooo happy with my big change, I had longer hair with no style and went to an inverted bob (which I loved!) From there my style and color has changed almost every time I have come in. I went really short over a period of a few haircuts to now growing it back out. And I always thought longer hair was boring but your staff have always managed to keep it looking great ! I also love that everyone there is so friendly and up beat 🙂 Such a great vibe every time I’m there. I could say much more but this is getting long lol Thanks Roots !”

Danielle Marseille-silvestri

“I love Nicole!! She is the only person who has ever cut my hair the way I like it!! I also go for the girl talk!!! I wouldnt go anywhere else:)”

Heather Feenstra

“Nicole at Roots was the first hairstylist I’ve ever had that left me feeling truly happy and confident with my haircut… not only that, the experience has been consistent every time. I hope she never moves! My experiences at Roots have been so good that I have now recruited bother my boyfriend and my mother to have their hair done there too because hey, I gotta keep the people close in my life looking good too. 🙂 (Plus they’ve all loved the service they got too!)”

Pat Hart

“I’m a returnee to Roots…after several years of going many other places. My last two cuts have been done at Roots & they are the best haircuts I’ve had for a long, long time. I definitely plan on becoming a Roots regular!”

Danielle Porter

“Thanks to Jessica 😊 Kaitlyn loves her new doo. And so does everyone” Shelly M.

“Hi! I got my hair done with Heidi about a month ago! It was a super fun experience as I’ve never been to roots before but I will definitely be coming back. The atmosphere was energetic and fun and I feel I got the best care possible. My hair turned out better than I could have expected with what my hair looked like prior. 10/10.”

Katherine B.

 “Hi, I wanted to get my name into the draw and offer my testimonial. I may very well be one of the “oldest” Roots customers around (though my age is not!). I have been a Roots customer since 2004, when Mike and Ida had the business operating out of their converted space on their personal property. There, I was given a fantastic cut and was paired with an amazing colorist- whom I stayed on with when I lived in Vancouver. Of course, since then I’ve switched stylists, and have moved across the country and back to the Valley again. All through, I’ve developed trust and relationships with my preferred stylists. I am one of those customers who comes in with usually minimal ideas and am open to the creativity and consultation of the stylist, as I view my hair as “their open canvas.” I know this takes trust and a professional, creative, and artistic stylist, which I’ve always been able to find at Roots. Thank you, Roots for caring for my hair for such a long, long, long time.”

Nicole M


“Let me just say I LOVE ME some ROOTS. Roots has seen me through my single years..my married years and now through the change into motherhood of which I’ve needed many pick me ups from sleepless nights and just down right feeling like I had lost myself. Roots never let’s me down when I’m in need of a good couple hours to totally dedicate to myself. No screaming kids, no “mommy” being forever yelled into my ear just me and my hair in that red shampoo chair and feeling nothing but Zen for hours on end! When I emerge from that salon I feel free and like the old me but newer, trendier and a whole lot happier. Roots is always a good time and it helps that the staff there are simply wonderful and always remember you whether you were just in last month or haven’t been there in months. Like I said LOVE ME some Roots!”

Trish McPhail

“From the moment you walk into Roots, you are noticed & taken care of, there is a great team atmosphere where your request is honoured, you get the cut you ask for, & the feedback you need in order to get a fabulous look every time. I also enjoy the fact that I have never been rushed, I feel like my appointment is just as important as the next one, & the extra attention & pampering is nothing short of awesome. It seems like they have nailed each of their services offered, thank you Ida, so glad I was recommended to you & your amazing team, wishing you all many busy successful seasons.”

Lori Senft

“When my daughter first insisted I try Roots I was a bit apprehensive, a bit worried I admit that it was too hip for my mom jeans and ponytail…I am sooo thankful I listened!! I have looked forward to every appointment since, every person there is so warm and welcoming. I have not been tempted to give up and resort to the pony tail since. Thank you all!”

Cheryl Martens Moreau

“I’ve been coming to the salon for 5 years now, ever since I moved to the island and have been through 4 stylists. What kept me from going elsewhere? The atmosphere, the amazingly friendly staff, and the fantastic hair I walk out with each and every time! Hugs to all of you. I’m a client forever!”

Courtenay Lee Pickford

“I think my number one reason for going to Roots is that the staff there feel like family and friends, not a place that just takes your money. It’s more of a sentimental thing for me, since if it wasn’t for Roots, I wouldn’t be married to my husband or have our handsome son. :)”

Sarah-Jane Kirk

“Hello, I have been a client of Tana’s for a while now. I know I am not the easiest of clients, as I waffle and can be fairly indecisive at times. She is always willing to listen and guide me to the best possible style and color. She always makes me happy, and I love the crew in the salon. Thank you Tana, I will miss you while you are on Maternity leave and will be looking forward to when you are back in the salon.”

Shannon E

“Hi there, just wanting to send a shout out to Jason!! That man works wonders with curly hair!! After many many years of searching for a stylist would could actually handle curls I stumbled upon Jay! There were ZERO complaints after he handled them, so gentle and understanding of the way curly hair works… he ACTUALLY got it!!! He’s become my go to from that day on!”

Trena Benoit

“Hey! I have been to Roots on a few different occasions and seen quite a few different stylists and each time I go it is a great experience. The staff is friendly and welcoming, the salon is clean, tidy and and looks amazing! Stylist stations are always clean and organized, staff professional, but still happy to chat. All around its a fantastic place to visit for some “me time”

Kailyn R.