Balayage vs Ombré… what’s the difference?

There are so many different techniques and terminologies out there in the hair world, therefore we thought we’d put together this post to clear up the confusion!

Balayage is a hair colouring technique that has been around since the 60’s. In its truest form it creates highlights that mimic what the sun does. Balayage is French word that translates to sweep or paint. Which is exactly what your stylist does by freehand painting on to your hair. This hair painting technique can be done on short or long hair to create an uncountable array of effects.ombrebykaylarae

There are quite a few trends that are very popular using this technique. A couple you may be familiar with are ombré or sombré.

Ombré means shadow or shade in French. It refers to the hair colour fading from dark to light. With this trend you move from darker at the roots to lighter at the ends in a gradient blend. Ombré is usually a bolder more dramatic effect, but it can be subtle if the colours are close together in shade.

sombrebytanaSombré simply means “subtle ombré”. The lighter sections are taken a little higher up, and the lower lengths have a few lowlights in them for a more gradual transition.

The look you would like to achieve is very personal. From subtle to bold, or from blonde to black and everything in-between. You pick, its your choice! Maybe you and your stylist can come up with your own name for a trend that is totally you!


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