Joey Astles – New Stylist

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]Don’t let this fresh face fool you, this young stylist is quite skilled with the clippers! With his own personal zest and creative knowledge Joey makes you feel right at home.


After graduating from Del Rio Academy of Hair, Joey has sought out continuing education through barber mentor ships and classes from industry specialists. He continues to learn with our continuing education opportunities through Roots the Salon and Paul Mitchell.

Joey’s specialty is reflective of his rockabilly style including pompadours, tight fades & executive tapers. With his knowledge in styling product he can help you take your professional look home with you, for that fresh hair look until your next appointment.

Joey also excels in kids cuts, his outgoing, friendly personality engages them to really enjoy the experience of getting a hair cut.

Available for Appointments or Walk-Ins, we would love for you to meet this new addition to our team!

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Every one of our Creative Team has their own style icons, representing classic glamour through to contemporary allure.

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We occasionally hold special promotions and offer discounts or special programs to give back to our valued customers.

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We’d love to be hear from you, feel free to call us, email us or simply drop by the salon.

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